SliMer (from "slice and merge") is an application which takes thin slices of lots of same-sized photographs and stitches them back together side-by-side to form a new image – this is the most basic form of Computational Photography.

If all of the source photographs were taken with the camera in a fixed position, then the slices will line up but each will be from a different time.  So the resulting image will be a sort of composite time-lapse.  A suitable set of photographs might cover a sunrise/sunset, i.e. the transition between day and night.

The program can be instructed to take either horizontal or vertical slices, and can process the photographs in reverse if required.  You can also tell it to process a subset of the photographs.


Forwards – day to night
Example image
In reverse – night to day
Example image
Vertical slicing – day to night
Example image
Vertical in reverse – night to day
Example image