Links to other implementations

Please note that I haven't tried any of these other programs.

Author Size Comment
Neil Fraser Small Java program with computer player, for one or two players
Keith Drakard SmallJavaScript - to be played on-line, 2-4 players, uses different rules
Peter Monks 21 K MS-Windows, zip archive, 2 players, no webpage (on Neil Fraser site)
BlackDog 45 K JavaScript - to be played on-line, 2-6 players, grid sizing
Adam Dawes / NEUON 50 K EPOC, shareware with many extra features
Neil Fraser 240 K MS-Windows, zip archive, 2 players, has a computer player
Yiff! (MS-Windows)
XYiff! (Linux)
707 K Very bizarre version, involving Street Fighter fox-morphs
Jeff Weston 880 K MS-Windows, zip archive, needs GLUT and OpenGL - 3D!